NWF Series Wall Powerful Fan (20
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NWF Series Wall Powerful Fan (20", 24", 26", 30")

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Product description
  1. Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor. Electrical Commutation motor, efficiency reaches 80%, and the motor with low temperature rise and remarkable energy-saving effect. Adopting soft-start technology, no transient current impact. Built -in software and hardware over-load protection avoids motor winding burning, and keeps longer service life.
  2. Adopting three-dimensional airfoil blade, big air volume, low noise, and soft wind.
  3. 5 speeds, wide speed adjustable range: 700 rpm to 1450 rpm.
  4. Certified grill ensures safety use.
  5. Streamlined designed base with high stability, and height of the stand pole adjustable。
  6. Oscillation angle 0 to 90 degrees。
  7. Gearbox with overload protection, durable in use.
  8. Widely used for cooling and ventilation in workshops, warehouses, squares, restaurants and more.

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